About Us

For years the idea of developing a nationwide push-to-talk service has remained just out of reach for those of us in the 2-way radio business. Large and small radio systems alike have been built out across the country servicing our nation’ dispatching and fleet coordination needs. However, each one of these systems, regardless of their size,has the same Achilles heel, they are restricted to operating only within the footprint of their sites. Paracom, that has all changed.
No longer is nationwide push-to-talk something we are only dreaming about, it’s actually here. Paracom enables users to communicate like never before, cross country if needed using the same 2-way radio form factor we are all familiar with. Leveraging the power and stability of the nation’s largest data carriers Paracom will keep you in contact with your fleet and offer you flexibility you never thought possible.
Paracom can be used in a number of different fields:


Construction firms work with many moving parts. You have different people in distant locations working on various projects and on a multitude of construction equipment. Effectively communicating with all those moving pieces and parts just got much easier thanks to Paracom push-to-talk (PTT) technology.

Utility Companies

Push-to-talk over cellular technology is changing the way the energy industry communicates. With the many challenges companies in this sector face, such as regulation, accountability, natural disasters, competition, and more, communication no longer needs to be another roadblock in your path.


Transportation keeps Bahamas moving and effective communication keeps businesses in this industry on-the-go. Whether you’re moving people or products or traveling by ground, air, or waterways, push-to-talk technology makes communication between all your moving parts easier than ever before.

Event Services

Communications is essential for event services specialists responsible for making weddings happen without a hitch, handling huge awards banquets, and even coordinating between all the moving parts that make music concerts fun for everyone. Learn how Push To Talk can enhance your communications

Security & Safety

From the people tasked with the enormous responsibility of protecting the citizenry to those who run into burning buildings, and who brave wind, rain, snow, and worse to respond to emergencies, Paracom push-to-talk communication over cellular offers a modern solution that provides safety to the men and women who offer safety and security to the rest of us.

Waste management

Waste management organizations provide important services for communities large and small. Effective communication allows waste management professionals to operate more efficiently and helps to reduce expenses and overhead. Push-to-talk technology is driving communications for the waste management industry forward.


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